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Besides the work that tie does internationally, in cooperation with numerous other activists and organisations, tie is also active on health work in Germany. In June 2007 a German health platform has been founded, that consists of various works council members to promote an active prevention of workers health.

TIE offers seminars for works council members on participative risk assessment. We train and consult works council members how to include workers in performing risk assessment and use workers’ knowledge to improve working conditions. Beside training we also accompany this whole process beginning from the workplace analysis till bargaining.

Within the international VidaViva network we were part of the team developing special instruments like body and workplace mapping, that was originally implemented in Canada (click here for the mapping guide in English).

In 2007 the mapping approach won a price as best health safety project within the European factories of Freudenberg Dichtungs- und Schwingungstechnik. (Read here the article) The company has decided that the mapping approach will be used also in other European countries. First pilot mappings will start in France and Italy.

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