Who is involved in Vida Viva?

In Brazil, Germany, Mozambique and Mexico labour activists are involved in Vida Viva.

The most extensive network exists in Brazil: more than 130 unions from 8 different states and various different sectors are active within Vida Viva. These unions represent in total several hundred thousands workers. We have reached more then ten thousand workers the last couple of years. Most unions active within Vida Viva are affiliated to the CUT, but not exclusively.

The activities are developed and coordinated by a body called the platform. This body consists of 18 trade unions from the different regions and sectors. Three times a year the platform gathers to discuss about the progress, new plans, problems and new challenges.

In Mozambique Vida Viva just started in 2005. SATULA, the Southern African Trade Union Leadership Academy, invited TIE to a workshop in Mozambique on health and work. The participants were very enthusiastic and recognized most of the issues that the Brazilian activists talked about in several workshops. There and then it was decided to start some form of cooperation between the Brazilians and the Mozambiquans. In the newly formed platform the major trade union federation of Mozambique OTM (Organization of Workers of Mozambique) and the CONSILMO (Confederation of Free and Independent Unions of Mozambique) work together. Both federations have several ten thousand members and represent workers in all sectors.

In Mexico Vida Viva works with/consists of worker centres. Sixteen worker centres of the states of Baja California, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Oaxaca, Puebla, Tamaulipas and Yucatan form the central working group that coordinate the activities. The worker centres are self-organizations of mainly women workers working in the maquila’s in the assembly of electronics and clothes. Also in Mexico the activities of Vida Viva are of a recent date: only in 2004 Brazilian activists were invited to a meeting and when two Mexican activists visited Brazil one year later the cooperation really kicked-off.

In Germany the ideas and strategies of Vida Viva are spread trough workshops and training sessions that TIE Germany gives to local groups of trade unions and workers from the auto, metal, chemical and the retail sector. Especially works councils are working with methodology, developed by VidaViva. At companies like DaimlerChrysler or the supplier industry VidaViva implemented a participative action research that led to major changes of the work place including the increase of staff and a rebalance of work load. In 2007 a work group is developing strategies how to even more root the project within unions.

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